3 Things to Consider Before Getting Lash Extensions

I’ve been obsessed with having long lashes since I’ve been keeping up with the Kardashians. Of course I’ve been using falsies for special events or weekends, but the element of having them  look “natural” is just not there for me. This has led me to literally dwell on getting lash extensions every day of my life for the past year and constantly scrolling through Instagram doesn’t help! As bad as I wanted them, I was very apprehensive to actually trying them out.  Every time I would go to book an appointment I would hear the voice of my mother in my head warning me that my real lashes are all going to fall off or my boyfriend telling me that my lashes are already perfect and long.  Lashes had become a forbidden fruit to me- and the thought of looking pretty at every waking moment without any effort on my end was enough to get me do my homework and try them out myself!

From doing my research and speaking to licensed professionals I found out that there are countless of things to consider before getting your lash extensions such as the different materials of lashes (silk, mink, etc) and the type of shape you want (I went with cat-eye), the length, curl type and glue.  But before you even get to those stages, here are the top 3 most important things to understand and consider before investing in your lashes:


  1. Understanding that lash extensions can damage your real lashes.

Speaking with the owner of the salon I went to, Megan, I found out the most common reason behind damaged lashes is that a lot of women don’t realize the importance of going to a licensed professional with a good reputation and ratings. The process of lash extensions involves using glue to individually glue on each eye lash extension to one real lash so that when you lose your real lash naturally, the extension also falls off. However, if an unlicensed or inexperienced person applies lashes they typically lack the skill to not clump your real lashes to an individual lash causing your lashes to break and fall off because they’re growing and falling off at different rates.  Megan says she often has to “rehab” clients from a bad lash job. Another reason why women damage their real lashes is that they try to pull off their lash extensions themselves- DO NOT try this because it will lead to clumps of your lashes in your hand. Lash extensions and glue are meant to come off professionally just like they were put on professionally but the good news is, it’s way quicker and cheaper to take them off!


  1. Do lots of research on your salon and shop around

I go to Instagram when it comes to looking up people’s portfolio of work, whether it’s hair or lashes. I remember coming across Wake Up Pretty’s Instagram and seeing the work Megan and her team do which what made me confident in their services.  I scrolled through their feed and saw the before and afters, and read all the comments. If you can’t find your salon / aesthetician on Instagram – of course read the Yelp and Google reviews and ask them for pictures of their work. Mostly all of them should have plenty!



  1. Lashes are a TIME and MONEY INVESTMENT:

Each lash extension session takes 90 minutes to 2 hours with refills being half an hour to hours depending on how many you need replaced or touched up.  Depending on how well you care for your lashes, you might not have to end up going every 2-3 weeks. I have some friends who push it to a month before they go. That being said, time is also money so apart from being an upfront cost of $150 to $350 for your initial set, lash extensions are like your utility bill- there is a monthly upkeep cost that can range on average 100 to 300 dollars each month.  So it’s very important to understand what kind of financial commitment you are getting into and maybe you’ll have to sacrifice your daily Starbucks to be able to afford lashes- you choose!


In the end, I’m very happy that I at least tried eyelash extensions. I was getting sick of dwelling on how amazing life would be if I could just have beautiful lashes and literally wake up pretty every morning. Now that I’ve seen the results, they are definitely addicting and life’s so easy because I literally roll out of bed and go to work. UGH HELP SOS SO ADDICTED.

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